The DNA community Network CONNECT.

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DNA barcoding researchers are pioneers in their discipline and subsequently have no pre-existing resources for reference other than the experiences and successes of their peers.  Unfortunately, these researchers also tend to be geographically isolated and scattered across the globe, making it difficult to connect and share much-needed information.  The DNA Barcoding community network,, was launched in November 2009 to serve as a place for communication and collaboration on a global scale, overcoming the rather dispersed nature of DNA barcoding researchers and enthusiasts.


The network, known as Connect, provides helpful tools and a venue designed to activate participation and facilitate engagement.



Getting involved in Connect is quick and easy—users simply create an account, post an introduction to the community, and start getting involved! RSS or follow-by-email settings help alert members to new posts and activity, and any questions or suggestions can be directed to the Feedback discussion board or directed to Kris Jett, CBOL’s Connect liason.